Text zu Theorie kritischer Sozialer Arbeit: „Beginning at the Beginning: An Exploration of Critical Social Work“

Ein Text zum freien Download (auf Englisch), beschreibt kurz und knapp die theoretische Basis „Kritischer Sozialer Arbeit“ und eignet sich als Einführung. Natürlich handelt es sich um eine Perspektive auf kritische Soziale Arbeit – die kritische Soziale Arbeit gibt es nicht.
Er findet sich hier: http://www.uwindsor.ca/criticalsocialwork/beginning-at-the-beginning-an-exploration-of-critical-social-work#top

„Critical social workers are therefore committed to understanding, critiquing and transforming the profession of social work and the unjust nature of society.“
„As you work with the complexities of critical social work practice remember that it is not an ‘either/ or’ situation: a practitioner is not a ‘mainstream social worker’ or ‘a critical social worker’. We can work in ‘mainstream’ contexts with a critical social work perspective. There are multiple possibilities for promoting social justice, exploiting critical possibilities, and politicizing practice in every work context.
As you study critical social work you may find that your own perspective on life and practice differs from the critical perspective we have explored here. If this is the case, remember that engaging in processes of deconstructing and reconstructing one’s own perspective, whatever that may be, is part of being an effective social work practitioner.“

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